So, what the heck is this?

This is my "photoblog" here I post some of my private pictures. I share them because they mean something to me, or posting them had a reason for itself.

Just call me at 1-310-486-6068 or send me an email at if you are interested in seeing more of my pictures.

Magnus Pettersson Info

I was an image maker in Santa Monica, CA. I have now stopped taking pictures for personal reasons, but my specialty was caracter headshots. Give me a call or send me an email

/Magnus Pettersson, 1-310-486-6068 if you are intrested in talking photography.

Want free pictures

From time to time, I need free models for shots to add to my portfolio. You will get a copy to keep of the photos, and there is no charge. If interested send me an email with "want to model" in the subject line, together with a picture and your stats.